Please see below a breakdown of costs for our different programmes offered with our Music Membership:

  • Music Starts Here for ages 5 – 7: £8 per Saturday
  • Prelude Programme for ages 7 – 9: £20 per Saturday
  • Core Programme for ages 9 – 18: £28 per Saturday
  • Ensembles Only Programme for ages 9 – 18: £20 per Saturday
  • Individual lesson of 30 minutes, when taken alongside a programme listed above: £21 per Saturday

Please see below the costs for our various drama programmes* offered with our Drama Membership:

  • Drama workshop ages 9 – 11 :  £5 per Saturday
  • Drama workshop: for ages 11 – 13: £7 per Saturday
  • Drama workshop for ages 14 – 18: £7 per Saturday

* Please note these are introductory prices for 2021/2022.

Combined Music & Drama Membership is also offered and costs are calculated by combining the costs of the chosen programmes listed above.

For information on all of the programmes above, please view our memberships page.

Payment schedule

We ask you to pay termly and once you’ve settled in we ask for a term’s notice if you decide not to continue. However we understand that you’ll want to see how it goes before committing so once you’ve joined we view the first five sessions as a trial period (payable).

Free taster session

We invite you to attend a free day of classes at GYA Taunton before signing up with us, so you can get a real feel for everything on offer. Find out more information and register your interest today.


We regret it is not possible to give refunds in the event of absence as the Centre has to continue paying professional tutors and overheads. GYA Taunton expects as close to 100% attendance as possible, to ensure you develop and get the most out of your membership.

Notice Period

We view the first five sessions as a trial period (payable). After that, we hope you’ll love it and want to stay, and from that point on a full term’s notice is required to stop attending. This notice period is required to fulfil obligations to the professional tutors, pay for facilities and to encourage young participants to be fully committed to the courses they’ve chosen.

Financial Help & Bursaries

We offer a large number of bursaries for our memberships, individual lessons (when taken alongside programmes of workshops/ensembles), and travel to our centre in Taunton. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask about our bursaries – it’s entirely confidential and we keep the application process as simple and quick as possible.